Military terms used in our missions

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Military terms used in our missions

Post by 8ody8ag » Thu Dec 20, 2018 3:48 am

I just had to make a topic about this, so we can keep adding new ones and purhaps making it easier for everyone to learn and understand markers on the map and when some of you using short military terms on radio 24/7. Feel free to add more of'em!

So. is a bunch of the Swedish and American military terms used in our mission.
Most of'em you use with your group "callsign-term", together with your groups color.
Filip Cesar Observation Post = "FC OP"
Erik Adam Medical Evacuation = "EA MEDEVAC"
Adam Kalle Återsamlingsplate efter anfall = "AK ÅSA"
Some of the Swedish military terms we use:
ÅSA = Återsamlingsplats efter anfall
UPK = Utgångspunkter På Kartan (följt med nummer)
MPK = Målangivelser På Kartan (följt med nummer)
RA = Radio (ej kartmarkering, endast muntligt)
FI = Fiende (ej kartmarkering, endast muntligt)

Some of the American military terms in mission:
ETA = Estimated Time of Arrival
RTB = Return/Returning To Base
CAS = Close Air Support
MHQ = Mobile Head Quarters
FOB = Forward Operating Base
COP = Command Observation Post
OP = Observation Post
FARP = Forward Area Refuel Point
FP = Fire Position
LZ = Landing Zone
RZ = Recovery Zone
MECH = Mechanized
INF = Infantery
MEDEVAC = Medical Evacuation
MEV = Medical Evacuation Vehicle
IED = Improvised Explosive Device
EOD = Explosive Ordnance Disposal

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