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Re: Conan Exiles - Server setting suggestion

Post by Platypus » Sun Apr 29, 2018 7:00 pm

It's very understandable Candy. That will alway be the resultat for all of you that play hardcore. And i guess there are to few of you to keep it interesting and challenging in the long run. To be king of the hill in this game all you need is a big active clan, and/or you need to play allot. More than other players or as much as other players.
To break the this game need to be the best or/and own everything this game have to offer. After that it gets boring.

I have a solution. Well it's more like an idea of an alternative way to play the game. I will write everything down in another thread. I don't want to be off topic here. But to keep it shorts its a costum ruleset that would make the game more challenging. A high risk/ high reward type of ting.
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