Please help

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Please help

Post by TAPAHTYL » Tue Jan 29, 2019 12:47 pm

Good morning! I play on your server, and today 01/28/19 you banned me on your server. My nickname TAPAHTYL from clan Almaziki. Please clarify the reason for the ban and you can unban me? I do not break the rules and try not to conflict with other players. For earlier thanks for your time!
I have read and corrected the server rules that I made before.

steam id 76561198026532501
nickname TAPAHTYL
server [SWE / EU] - Все x2

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Re: Please help

Post by 8ody8ag » Wed Jan 30, 2019 6:07 pm

Hi there!

Yes, your clan is banned from the server and all your buildings was removed couse of breaking the following rules.

• 1 Mainbase, 2 outposts and 2 vaults per clan/solo player.
• Always remove your old buildings and ruins.
• Dont claim more land areas than necessary.
• Never build on or cage-in any kind of POI.

Let me give you a small hint, always read the rules and follow them. If you have any questions, call for admin!
Your ban will stay for now but will be lifted after next wipe of the server, due you broke so many rules at the same time.

Case closed!

In advance,
8ody8ag @