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Discord - Server Information

Post by 8ody8ag » Mon May 13, 2019 1:05 pm

Server Information

Server Name: Gameaholic.se
Server ID: 420838891537432576

Server Rules

4:1 - Each channel has its aim and purpose, please follow and respect it!
4:2 - VA (voice activation) is allowed as long you keep out the background noice.
4:3 - PTT (push to talk) shall be used if the player have mutch background noice.
4:4 - Do not disturb other players using team-or private channels during gaming.
4:5 - If you invite new people to Discord, ensure that they register on the forum.
4:6 - A Member with over 50 followers on Twitch, also gets Streamer rights.
4:7 - Always inform others before start broadcasting or any kind of recording.
4:8 - Use a "Livestreaming" channel during seriouse streams and inform others!
4:9 - Any type of advertising and recruitment (besides our own) is totally prohibited
4:10 - An Admin has the full power to kick or ban players who do not follow the rules.

How to join

Download and install your Discord client. Start it up as administrator and join our server via our invitation link nRS4tFR. You'll end up in the #welcome channel and now you need to write your username from our forum in the #access channel. After that you just lay back and wait for an admin to aprove and give you Member status, so you can start using all the other channels in Discord. Welcome in!