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CoH2 custom maps, mods & skins etc.

Posted: Fri May 04, 2018 9:12 am
by 8ody8ag
Hi all!

I brought up Company Of Heroes again after a few month rest and started to look after some fun and well made custom maps, mods and skins etc. Last Days I've been running a few desert maps and some new versions of Lyon together with a mod called All units, No Commanders, 150pc and some really awesome skins. Would be really fun if we could try'em together a few games, this setup I'm using now runs great and made it almost to a new game.

Tons of maps, damn! And thees skins on the vehicles looks so good.. . a must to try!! :dribb:

What I know, we were Nord, Mandrake, Manson and Fireflame who had Company Of Heroes. .. did I miss someone? :scrat:
Well, if you wanna try it out, you dont need to download anything. If I host the game, you get it all by joining.