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Updated: 2016.03.22
Image The main rules for members at
A few words about us: is a non profit association that emerged from old, a Swedish and Norwegian game society founded in 2002. Today we are global with members of mixed ages and nationalities. The website and its web, gaming and communication servers, is leased or operated by individual members. We have our own Teamspeak 3 with 400 slots and arrange 1-2 LAN meetings in Sweden every year. Here are the rules to folow.. .

1.) Membership [updated 2017-05-22]
1:1 - All members shall be 18+ and registered at our forum.
1:2 - English/Swedish is the main languages in our gaming community.
1:3 - is a non profit association with a free membership.
1:4 - As a member you are approved to use the [GHSE] tag in-game and on accounts.
1:5 - To come in contact with administrators, use the PM function or

2.) At the Forums [updated 2015-01-13]
2:1 - Do not post "offensive" posts, links, images or copyright-infringing material.
2:2 - Remain respectful of other users, moderators and administrators at all times.
2:3 - Do not spam or self-promote in the regular forums. (If you have to, use offtopic)
2:4 - Any type of advertising and recruitment (besides our own) is totally prohibited
2:5 - Your registration must be approved by an admin before you can start use the forum.
2:6 - Legendary status "Backbone Member" is only given to old members of HjS - Hjerpeskans

3.) G-LAN Meetings [updated 2014-01-20]
3:1 - Our LAN meetings is ONLY for registered members of!
3:2 - All participants must sign up and pay, before showing up at the event.
3:3 - Subscribe to our LAN is binding and payment shall be payed in advance.
3:4 - Everyone help out to clean the building on the last day or pay 100SEK.
3:5 - Vandalism will result in fines and immediate exclusion from the association.

4.) Our Teamspeak 3 [updated 2017-07-04]
4:1 - Each channel has its aim and purpose, please follow and respect it!
4:2 - VA (voice activation) is allowed as long you keep out the background noice.
4:3 - PTT (push to talk) shall be used if the player have mutch background noice.
4:4 - Do not disturb other players using team-or private channels during gaming.
4:5 - If you invite new people to TeamSpeak, ensure that they register on the forum.
4:6 - A member with over 50 followers on Twitch, gets Streaming rights on TS3
4:7 - Always inform others before start broadcasting or any kind of recording.
4:8 - Use a private channel during seriouse streams and mark you name - Live!
4:9 - Any type of advertising and recruitment (besides our own) is totally prohibited
4:10 - An administrator has the full power to kick or ban players who do not follow the rules.

5.) Game Servers [updated 2017-05-22]
5:1 - Read and follow the game server rules based on that particular server being played.
5:2 - We do not accept any kind of cheats, hacks, exploit bugs, glitches or bad behavior.
5:3 - Inform present members before starting Stream, broadcasts or other type of recording.
5:4 - An administrator has the full power to kick or ban players who do not follow the rules.
5:5 - Only the management has the rights to start a server named "" etc.
5:6 - A server must follow a certain code which the management determines.
5:7 - Any type of advertising and recruitment on our servers, besides our own, is totally prohibited

6.) Create Clan, Guild & Society etc. [updated 2017-06-05]
6:1 - Only the management has the rights to start a clan, guild or society etc. in name.
6:2 - A clan, guild or squad etc. must follow a certain code which the management determines, no one ealse.
6:3 - Updated list of the all the approved clans, guilds and squads etc.:
[PC] GTA V, "Gameaholic Sweden" Crew
[PC] Entropia Universe, "" society on Calypso
[PC] Path Of Exile, "" Guild on gateway Europe
[PC] APB - Reloaded, "The Gameaholics" clan on the server Citadel (EU)
[PC] ArmA 3, unit with the [GHSE]-tag and Gameaholic logo in-game
[PC] War Thunder, "Gameaholics" squadron with the [GHSE]-tag in-game (max 128 members)
[PC] Black Desert Online, "Gameaholics" guild (max 100 members)
[PC] World Of Warcraft, "Gameaholic" guild on the server Grim Batol (Responsible admin: Not Active)
[PC] Guild wars 2, "Gameaholic" guild on the server Far Shiverpeaks (Responsible admin: Not Active)
[PC] APB - Reloaded, "Crimaholics" clan on the server Citadel (EU) (Responsible admin: Not Active)
[PC] ArmA 3, playing MilSim in squad with permanent Groups (Responsible admin: Not Active)

6:4 - A recuiter to a Gameaholic related clan, guild or society must clearly inform those who it concern, about their own internal rules.
6:5 - Creation of a Clan, Guild or Society etc. shall only be made in games where we cant host our own server, like in MMO-games etc.

Find out more about us @ Facebook | Steam Group | New YouTube | Old YouTube

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