Teamspeak 3 server rules updated

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Teamspeak 3 server rules updated

Postby 8ody8ag » Tue Jul 04, 2017 9:47 am

Teamspeak rules updated, go here to read'em all.. .
4.) Our Teamspeak 3 [updated 2017-07-04]
4:1 - Each channel has its aim and purpose, please follow and respect it!
4:2 - VA (voice activation) is allowed as long you keep out the background noice.
4:3 - PTT (push to talk) shall be used if the player have mutch background noice.
4:4 - Do not disturb other players using team-or private channels during gaming.
4:5 - If you invite new people to TeamSpeak, ensure that they register on the forum.
4:6 - A member with over 50 followers on Twitch, gets Streaming rights on TS3
4:7 - Always inform others before start broadcasting or any kind of recording.
4:8 - Use a private channel during seriouse streams and mark you name - Live!
4:9 - Any type of advertising and recruitment (besides our own) is totally prohibited
4:10 - An administrator has the full power to kick or ban players who do not follow the rules.

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