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ArmA3Sync - GHSE Public Server

Posted: Wed Mar 13, 2019 10:02 am
by watar
These addons are NOT required to play on the public server but adds a little better effects and sound. Use them if you want to...

Download, install and start ArmA3Sync.

Go to the tab Addon Options

Click on the blue PLUS sign (Add a new addon search directory) and add a directory where you want to save your addons.

Go to the tab Repositories

Click on the blue PLUS sign and add the following address to Public auto-config URL


Then click on IMPORT and OK.


Make sure the Notify box is checked. This is to be notified in the future if there are any new updates to the addon-pack.
Click on Connect to Repository (right column, sixth button from the top).


Choose your Default Destination Folder. Must be the same foldername you created earlier under Addon Options.
Click on the green marker (Check for Addons) and wait until you get a Finished! message, can take a few minutes.
Check Select All and then press the PLAY button (Start/Resume).
This will take some time, based on the number of addons you need to download, your connection speed etc...

Just wait until you get a DOWNLOAD FINISHED message

Go to Addons tab

Click on the blue PLUS sign (Generate addon group from modsets).
Check GHSE Public and click OK

At the bottom of the page make sure GHSE Public is set in Join Server box and press Start Game
Arma3 will start with the correct addons and join the server automatically.


If there are any questions don't hesitate to contact me (watar) in PM, Discord or Steam.

Re: ArmA3Sync - GHSE Public Server

Posted: Wed Mar 13, 2019 10:28 am
by watar
For those that already have our big MilSim pack you only need to create a new modset in ArmA3Sync, you DON'T need to download this pack as well. Again, these mods are optional, not required.

Follow these steps instead:

Go to the tab Addons tab
Rightclick in the right window and click Add Group.

Type a name for the group, for example GHSE_Public and click OK

Drag the following addons from the left window to the GHSE_Public group in the right window.
@cba, @blastcore, @jsrs, @sthud

ONLY these four mods are allowed on the public server, if you try to join with any other mods activated you will be automatically kicked!

Make sure the group is selected and click Start Game to start Arma3 with the selected mods.