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Co-op Nights - Insurgency Takistan/Tanoa/Malden/NapfWinter

Posted: Sat Jul 21, 2018 9:11 am
by 8ody8ag
Contact me, 8ody8ag och Steam, Discord, Facebook, Teamspeak or here at the forums to get your group and role!

Next Co-op Night is on Friday, October 19th, 18:00 ->

Hi all!

I made an little "All you need to get going" topic for our ArmA 3 Insurgency & Co-op Night Event.

Little about Insurgency.. .
This is the 2nd time since 2014 we putting up a server and start editing ArmA 3 Insurgency. I love those insane projects, with massive scripting and editing, to make the mission fit us all and our Co-op Night events! Insurgency goes way back to early ArmA 2, builded by pogoman then later on taken over by Jigsor. This mission have been improved by the whole community, step by step, getting better and better. Read more what Jigsor say about the orginal main missions situation and objectives.. .
Jigsor wrote:Eliminate Armed rebellion against NATO forces. Gather Intel on Ammo Cache location by picking up suitcases spawned in random buildings. Destroy Ammo Caches with satchel or demo charges. Complete Random Objectives. Clear all red zones of enemy forces.

Though Destroying Ammo Caches is a primary objective, It is not a listed Task/Objective. Ammo Caches regenerate throughout the city one at a time usually in random building positions and in red zones. Gathering Intel will generate random marker clues on the map referencing distance in radius to ammo cache location. Intel usually spawns in random building positions and in red zones.

Once Ammo Cache is destroyed all Intel and markers are deleted. New Intel and Ammo Cache is spawned. There are however, actual Task/Objectives viewable through Map -- Tasks. Currently 12 Task/Objectives exist. All Task/Objectives are generated one at a time in random order and random locations.

Current Task/Objectives include:
1. Rescue the Downed Pilot
2. Destroy Communications Tower
3. Eliminate Insurgent Leader
4. Cut Power
5. Clear Mine Field
6. Deliver Supplies
7. Destroy Support Convoy
8. Destroy Armed Convoy
9. Destroy Mortar Squad
10. Capture and Hold Outpost
11. Clear Roadblock
12. Retrieve Data at Terminal

Our version.. .
What's make our version of Insurgency so fokin special? Well, first of all we play in the size of a platoon, as Swedish Forces, working under HQ (Platoon Leader) and NATO command (story line). The platoon is builded of hand picked units divided in 5 squads, from Alpha 1-1 to 1-5. We have focused much.. .or shall I say "alot" on the FARP and FOB building part, due we find that to be an important step in our tactics. The FARP is as usual builded by the engineers, but we brought it to another level by adding Boxloader and the "base-building-part". So, this made it possible to transport alot of FOB materials, out on the battlefield to build up an "forward operation base".

In all of our versions of Insurgency, you play as a Swedish soldier, for an example at our awesome NATO airbase in Takistan or the jungle airstrip on Tanoa! In Malden 2035 you even can start out at sea as a swedish marine, on the destroyer Liberty and make your way into land. I would say that we've been working hardest on our version of Insurgency Napfwinter. This mission got an awesome client side winter envirioment with snowfall, vapor and blizard etc. Totaly up to you to use or not, just toggle on/off in-game. We've slowly added scripts and the mods/addons you guys wanted. First weeks we tested and builded alot, now it's more about small fixes. I'm gonna use this topic to inform you what we've added and changed. Also, using this topic for upcoming Co-op Nights and to discuss whats good'n bad etc.

Missions we have in our cycle right now is.. .
RHS/ACE3 Insurgency on Takistan - Jigsors Version 1.48 / Edited by GHSE
RHS/ACE3 Insurgency on Tanoa - Jigsors Version 1.48 / Edited by GHSE
RHS/ACE3 Insurgency on Malden 2035 - Jigsors Version 1.48 / Edited by GHSE
RHS/ACE3 Insurgency on NapfWinter - Jigsors Version 1.48 / Edited by GHSE *Now Playing*

Latest intel on file size and preformance.. .
Those who say it's alot of addons, that it gonna take alot of space and time, look again! This aint hard and it's far from ruff.
Mission size is about 5MB and my ArmA3 folder together with all DLC's and the Addons/Mods we use is around 60GB, TOTALY!
I'm on a intel i5-6600k, 16GB in RAM and a Nvidia GeForce GTX 960, with all settings on ULTRA with a in-game FPS on 70.
If my shitty wodden-rig together with my bloody potato-internet can fix this, it shouldn't be a problem for your NASA equipment.

So, whats important, to be able to join our Co-op Nights.. .
As you can see in the group setups and roles down bellow, we fight alot as mechanized infantry or "Mech-inf". In other words, we roll/fly in, then fight on foot. For those who love to support, we have plenty of roles for pilots and logistics like engineers, EOD and artillery etc. Please, try to find your group and role asap. If you wanna jump around testing during the rest of the week it's cool, but during the Co-op Nights we kinda like getting started, not fixing with addons and finding our roles. So, find a group/role you like, talk with your groupleader, make up a plan during the week so we dont have all of this coming like a shock on Friday.

Also, give the radio a few seconds! :bash:

If you have no clue, server and mission is up all week. Get in there, test radio, addons and roles and see what fits you best. Enjoy!

:ammo: Groups and roles on Napfwinter during Co-op Nights:
Alpha 1-1: Prickskyttegruppen
Prickskytt - Martin
Spotter/Sjukvårdare - Threehorn

Gruppens syfte:
En 2-manna grupp vars uppgift är att jobba avsides men med överblick för de övriga grupperna med gemensamt mål. Ständig kontakt med plutonchef och cheferna i övriga grupper. Gruppen saknar egen CAS och ska därför alltid ha möjlighet att måla/eldleda åt flyg och artilleri.
Alpha 1-2: Pilotgruppen
Pilot - Jokk
Pilot - watar
Pilot - LEDIG

Gruppens syfte:
Pilotgruppen är dom enda som har tillstånd att flyga under co-op nights. Denna grupp står för transport och flygunderstöd via plutonchenfens order
Alpha 1-3: Staben (Ledning/Logistik)
Plutonchef (CAS) - Mandrake
Förare/Signalist (CAS) - LEDIG
Förare/Sjukvårdare - MaryKate
Förare/EOD-Soldat - LEDIG
Artillerist - TwinAxe
Ingenjörsoldat - LEDIG

Gruppens syfte:
En ledning och logistikgrupp bestående av högkvarter (Plutonchefen & Signalist), artillerist, sjukvårdare och plutonens enda EOD-soldat samt ingenjör. Om plutonchefens post är tillsatt så är det han som ger ut alla order, godkänner alla CAS, artilleri och flygunderstöd. Utan plutonchef så är det gruppcheferna som kallar in och beställer direkt från piloter och artilleristen. Då denna grupp har den enda EOD-soldaten samt ingenjöreren, så är dom ansvariga för att säkra ev. IED's och upprätta, förflytta samt försvara en ev. FARP/FOB. Då staben har tre förarroller så tillsätter dessa även ett ev. behov av pansar och stridsfordon. Plutonchef samt signalist har förmågan att kalla in eget CAS.
Alpha 1-4: K4/AJB - Norrlands Jägare
Gruppchef (CAS) - LEDIG
Sft. Gruppchef (CAS) - LEDIG
Sjukvårdare - LEDIG
Sjukvårdare - LEDIG
Sprängtekniker - LEDIG
Skyttesoldat - LEDIG
Skyttesoldat - LEDIG
Skyttesoldat - LEDIG
Skyttesoldat - LEDIG

Gruppens syfte:
En 9-manna grupp som ska kunna förflytta sig snabbt men tyst och gärna flankera/överraska fienden. Jobba bakom fiende linjer med spaning och samla intel åt högkvarteret samt ha möjligheten att måla/eldleda åt flyg och artilleri. Sabotage är gruppens specialitet då dom också har en Sprängtekniker. Detta gör dem till den främsta gruppen då det kommer till att förstöra "Ammo cashes" mm. under uppdragets gång. Gruppchefen och hans ställföreträdande kan liksom övriga chefer kalla in CAS. Gruppens fordonsval bör vara något "lätt", t.ex "bergsgeten", 6x6-hjulingar, Galt, M113-bandvagn eller dyligt. Vid längre förflyttningar så flygs gruppen in med hjälp av våra piloter. Gruppen strider till fots!
Alpha 1-5: K3 - Livregementets husarer
Gruppchef (CAS/EVAC) - 8ody8ag
Stf. Gruppchef (CAS) - Matte
UAV-Specialist - Kakan
Sjukvårdare - Six10Zone
Sjukvårdare - Andy
Skyttesoldat - Fireflame
Skyttesoldat - Manicozzy
Skyttesoldat - SwagStone
Skyttesoldat - FroztWarrior

Gruppens syfte:
Livregementets husarer eller de "Luftburna" är med 9-man, en av de två största grupperna och den mest slagkraftiga enheterna i detta mission. Gruppchefen och hans ställföreträdande kan liksom övriga chefer kalla in CAS, men har även möjligheten att kalla in en Hkp16-SOG för transport till valfritt mål för hela gruppen. Gruppen har också en UAV-Specialist som kan kalla in en bestyckad Stomper mm. Denna grupp jobbar mitt i smeten och kräver välsvarvade medlemmar då de ständigt ska jobba framåt-framåt! Transportvalet för denna grupp är i första hand att bli luftlandsatta via helikopter/flyg, men väl på marken så sker transport med t.ex M113-bandvagn, Galten, Ridgback alt. Ptbg-360. Gruppen strider till fots!
OBSERVERA! Halo-jumps via flaggstången är totalförbjudet under Co-op Nights!
Utnyttja våra piloter eller de avsedda fordon för din enhet samt MHQ-1, 2 och 3


:ammo: How do I get the [GHSE]-tag and emblem in-game? ArmA 3 Unit at Bohemia:
To be able to carry our battletag and emblem in-game, you'll need to apply to our unit. What I've noticed is that many give up half way doing this and I know why. Couse, you have to login, and to login you need to signup. That's the hard part, omg. Well, if you manage to get over this uge obstical and finally make your account, you simple join the unit. I will accept your membership and move you up to Sergeant together with everyone ealse. Next time you startup your ArmA 3 launcher, head for "Dashboard" and mark the Unit as "your unit" and you're good to go.

:ammo: Radio and Channels during Co-op Nights:

Group Radio Channels: (Radio model AN/PRC-152)
Ch01 - NO NET = The "login-room", do not stay in this channel, move on asap!
Ch02 - Alpha 1-1 = The short range group channel for Alpha 1-1 members only
Ch03 - Alpha 1-2 = The short range group channel for Alpha 1-2 members only
Ch04 - Alpha 1-3 = The short range group channel for Alpha 1-3 members only
Ch05 - Alpha 1-4 = The short range group channel for Alpha 1-4 members only
Ch06 - Alpha 1-5 = The short range group channel for Alpha 1-5 members only

Longrange Radio Channels: (Radio model AN/PRC 117F)
Ch07 - TANGO ALPHA = Groupleaders and Commander using this channel to communicate between the groups.
Ch08 - TANGO BRAVO = Groupleaders and Commander using this channel to communicate between the groups.
Ch09 - AIR SUPPORT = Groupleaders and Commander call/communicate with Pilotes on this channel
Ch10 - LOGISTICS = Groupleaders and Commander call/communicate with the Artillery-soldier on this channel

How to switch between radios:
Ctrl+CapsLock = AN/PRC 117F
Shift + CapsLock = AN/PRC-152

How to call on Longrange Radio:
If you are in Alpha 1-2 and calling Alpha 1-5 for an example, then you need to switch over to the AN/PRC 117F longrange and set to Ch07 or Ch08 depending on witch groupleader channel you have chosen. Then transmit and call out with your groups callsign:
"- Från Alpha 1-2 till Alpha 1-5 kom"

then wait for them to answere.. .
"- Alpha 1-5 lyssnar kom"

So, if you are the one calling, then it always is FROM your groups number TO the the other group. Also, Think thro what you gonna say, before transmiting and make it as short as possible. This is very important on longrange due it is normaly alot of activity already on the short range group radio, witch means that the groupleaders have pretty much non-stop noice in both ears!

Remember! The headquarters (Plutonchef & Signalist) shall have an open dialog with all groupleaders on longrange. If we dont have a headquarter, then the groupleaders call pilots and artillery-soldiers directly. Longrange aint a global chat room, so keep it short, clean and simple!

What mods and addons we need.. .
Please skip steam workshop! Download the rar/zip-files from our host and unpack the @mod folders into your ArmA 3 root. Open up your ArmA 3 launcher and press +Locate and add all the @mod folders that way, then save that loadout. Press PLAY and search for and favourite it.

:ammo: This are the mods you'll need to play on server:

ACRE2: Advanced Combat Radio Environment 2 - Version- ... 92.7z?dl=0

ACE3: Advanced Combat Environment 3 - Version 3.12.3 ... .3.7z?dl=0

ACE3: Compat RHS:AFRF - Version 3.12.3 ... f3.7z?dl=0

ACE3: Compat RHS:GREF - Version 3.12.3 ... f3.7z?dl=0

ACE3: Compat RHS:USF - Version 3.12.3 ... f3.7z?dl=0

Blood Mist - Version x ...

CUP: Terrains Complete - Version 1.3.0 ...

6x6 All Terrain Vehicle - Version 1.02 ... 02.7z?dl=0

Arma 3 Enhanced Movement - Version ... 15.7z?dl=0

ASR AI 3 - Version 1.1.8 ... .8.7z?dl=0

BLX: British Ridgback Improved - Version 1.0.7 ... .0.7z?dl=0

BLX: British Ridgback PPV - Version 40 ... 40.7z?dl=0

Community Base addon - Version 3.8.0 ... 01.7z?dl=0

CUP: Weapons - Version 1.10.1 ... .1.7z?dl=0

Head Gore Mod - Version 1.1 ... .1.7z?dl=0

Iraqi Syrian Conflict - Version 10.11 ... 11.7z?dl=0

JSRS: SoundMod RHSAFRF Support - Version 6.18.0820 ... .1.7z?dl=0

JSRS: SoundMod RHSGREF Support - Version 6.18.0820 ... 20.7z?dl=0

JSRS: SoundMod RHSUSF Support - Version 6.18.0820 ... .1.7z?dl=0

JSRS: SoundMod - Version 6.18.0820 ... 21.7z?dl=0

Namer APC - Version 0.11 ... 11.7z?dl=0

Quadbike ATVS - Version 0.8 ... .8.7z?dl=0

RHS: AFRF - Version 0.4.7 ... .7.7z?dl=0

RHS: GREF - Version 0.4.7 ... .7.7z?dl=0

RHS: SAF - Version 0.4.7 ... .7.7z?dl=0

RHS: USAF - Version 0.4.7 ... .7.7z?dl=0

SAM: Swedish Army Mod - Version 010 ... 0.rar?dl=0

SFP: Swedish Forces Pack - Version 0.7.4 ... pd.7z?dl=0

Napf Island A3 - Version 1.21 ... pd.7z?dl=0

TRYK: Uniform System - Version 0.97 ... 97.7z?dl=0

TAC VEST: Tactical Vest System - Version 1.5 ... .5.7z?dl=0

POOK's CamoNets - Version 6.0.01 ... 01.7z?dl=0

BoxLoader - Version 0.65 ... 65.7z?dl=0

:ammo: Those are trusted addons, no requirement but accepted by server:

Blastcore Edited (Standalone Version) ... ersion.rar

Sthud - ShackTac User Interface

Re: Co-op Nights - Insurgency Takistan/Tanoa/Malden/NapfWinter

Posted: Wed Aug 01, 2018 2:16 am
by 8ody8ag
With Korpralens help, I've manage to tweek the medic system so it should fit everyone and acctully give the combat medic a purpose.

We were kinda pissed off on how you could revive someone who got blown up etc. In those cases you will get insta death. Medic is the only one who can "bring back" those who are badly hurt. If you really are close to the edge of death, medic needs to get you the the MEDEVAC to fix you. Medic is also the only one who can use thees kind of equipment. As a regular soldier, you only need Morphine and Bandages (Basic).

Also fixed so that all MHQ's stays where you parked it, even if not active, for 24 hours and added two tanks on demand. Yea, also worked with logistic material in vehicles and homebase, added new loading screen and a few signs to help you out with equipment, you'll see that when you start playing. See you all in Takistan!




Re: Co-op Nights - Insurgency Takistan/Tanoa/Malden/NapfWinter

Posted: Thu Aug 23, 2018 12:43 am
by 8ody8ag
A short clip from our 2 weeks in Takistan-Insurgency, enjoy!

First days on Tanoa-Insurgency, got a nice close recording on the suicide bomber.. .

Re: Co-op Nights - Insurgency Takistan/Tanoa/Malden/NapfWinter

Posted: Mon Sep 03, 2018 8:25 pm
by 8ody8ag
Thanks to Mandrake, we now have all the files from our server, in frozen versions at the same Place!
Direct link to all files: ... B1dna?dl=0

Re: Co-op Nights - Insurgency Takistan/Tanoa/Malden/NapfWinter

Posted: Thu Sep 06, 2018 7:15 pm
by 8ody8ag
Next weekend.. . Insurgency v1.48 on Napfwinter


Re: Co-op Nights - Insurgency Takistan/Tanoa/Malden/NapfWinter

Posted: Sat Sep 08, 2018 5:06 pm
by 8ody8ag
Coop-Night at Malden 2035 is done, Napfwinter coming up next week :gun1:


Re: Co-op Nights - Insurgency Takistan/Tanoa/Malden/NapfWinter

Posted: Mon Sep 10, 2018 10:08 pm
by 8ody8ag

Re: Co-op Nights - Insurgency Takistan/Tanoa/Malden/NapfWinter

Posted: Sat Sep 15, 2018 12:56 pm
by 8ody8ag
Coop-Night at NapfWinter this friday night was really fun! After a hard week working with the mission file, it was done at 16:00 with about 30 min testrun. We started up at 18:00 but the majority of members joined around 20:00. During this Co-op we were Kakan, Jokk, Six, Cozzy, Andy, Mandrake, Watar, Rackify and me. With one Mech Inf. and one K4 ranger group we fought good and hard thro fire and snow. We had some small issues with TRYK and ACRE2 but overall I would say that mission was a sucess! We keep this mission up'n running tho you all liked it so much. If you find any bugs or have more cool ideas, post'em in here and we fix it. :horny:


Re: Co-op Nights - Insurgency Takistan/Tanoa/Malden/NapfWinter

Posted: Sun Sep 16, 2018 11:59 am
by 8ody8ag
Hey guys, big thx to watar on this one! :gun1:

We have added two trusted addons to server, you dont need those but can use'em if you want

Blastcore Edited (Standalone Version)
Link to download: ... ersion.rar

Sthud - ShackTac User Interface
Link to download:

Re: Co-op Nights - Insurgency Takistan/Tanoa/Malden/NapfWinter

Posted: Wed Sep 19, 2018 11:39 pm
by 8ody8ag
Updated version on Napfwinter after last weekends co-op nights, also changed the group setup to fit the way you all were playing.