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Re: Co-op Nights - Insurgency Takistan/Tanoa/Malden/NapfWinter

Posted: Thu Sep 27, 2018 11:23 am
by 8ody8ag
A short clip including what we added to our server/mission last update.

You asked for snow, now it's snowing. The snow, vapor and blizard is a script added to the mission file, nothing you need to worry about. If you dont like it, simple disable it while in-game. You asked for viking beard, the crowns underwear, winter equipment, snow shoes and white vests.. .now you have that too. Been working alot around the logistic part when it comes to transporting and building. The FARP will from now on have a new best friend called the FOB, a forward operation base. All you need to do is get the shit there, and then build it up. Enjoy!

Music by Hulkoff - Einherjr.

Re: Co-op Nights - Insurgency Takistan/Tanoa/Malden/NapfWinter

Posted: Thu Oct 04, 2018 11:03 pm
by 8ody8ag
After testing and turning everything inside out during the past week, we've come to a great solution :banghead:

Group Changes:
Alpha 1-1: Snipers (2) Sniper and spotter
Alpha 1-2: Pilots (4) Only pilotes
Alpha 1-3: HQ & Logistics (8) 2 engineers!
Alpha 1-4: Rangers (5) No engineers
Alpha 1-5: Infantery (9) No engineers
(Read first page in this topic for more info)

Mission Changes:
USS - Liberty added at north-west coast with repair/refuel/rearm helipad, boat racks with 2 speadboats and medical facility.
Instead of having tons of FOB material in mainbase, we builded the FOB next to Luzern, in enemy territory. Go get it!
Added one more AA to base defence
All artillery vehicles are moved behind hangars, away from spawn area, now with m90 winter camo.
Moved the transport HEMETS (3), standing between airstrips together with the construction containers.
Changed the SFP Medic Blackhawk to RHS MEDEVAC instead.
Construction containers need to have the Bobcat close and activated as constrution vehicle, to be able to build'em up.
The Bobcat can TOW the construction containers, but be awere of that they will respawn after 30 minutes if not builded.
All vehicles in base and the construction containers shall now be able to be lifted with helicopters. (both sling/hook and "Lift")
HESCO-barriers can only be transported by draging or uploaded to the HEMET trucks. (Adjust hights by "placement" then Z or Q)

Cleaned up scripts, removed errors and sutch.
Cleaned up base from props and vehicles.
Cleaned players from start gears, simple and light.

Known Issues:
Airdrop boxes with ACE3 interact, do not use "paradrop cargo" due it doesnt work properly.
Boxloaded vehicles can be TOW'ed but not be lifted with helicopters, this will create a critical error.
The HESCO-Bars for basebuildings can sometimes deal damage when close to'em. Drag'n replace to fix!

Re: Co-op Nights - Insurgency Takistan/Tanoa/Malden/NapfWinter

Posted: Fri Oct 05, 2018 12:35 am
by 8ody8ag
Updated loading screen on all missions.. .

For desert maps:

For winter maps:

For jungle and forest maps:

Re: Co-op Nights - Insurgency Takistan/Tanoa/Malden/NapfWinter

Posted: Fri Oct 05, 2018 11:29 am
by 8ody8ag
Added base signs with background depending on envirioment, jungle/winter/desert etc.
Right now we use this one bellow as the sign for the Ammo depo, the virtual ammobox in base.
Also have signs for the vehicle repair and material point, medical facility and at the target range.




Re: Co-op Nights - Insurgency Takistan/Tanoa/Malden/NapfWinter

Posted: Sun Oct 07, 2018 12:26 pm
by 8ody8ag
Here are the last men standing on the two latest Co-op Nights! Those warriors played from ~18:00 to 01:30. We getting more and more people and looking forward to next Friday, October 12th. I've around 200GB of raw material from those and will make you a video asap. Also got alot of new ideas and suggestions from you all and we will test most of it on Thursday night. Thanks!

(September 28th, 16 players: Back in the FARP/FOB after last mission "Data Terminal".)

(October 5th, 14 players: On the hilltop were we fought for hours after destroying ammo cash.)

Re: Co-op Nights - Insurgency Takistan/Tanoa/Malden/NapfWinter

Posted: Thu Oct 11, 2018 5:11 pm
by 8ody8ag
New setup in Alpha 1-3, Alpha 1-4 and Alpha 1-5 (Check first page).
Replaced some of the vehicles we tested during the week with two M113-M2 APC's in m90 Winter camo.
Moved all FOB-building material back to base, total 30 HESCO, 3 Construction containers (60min respawn).
Removed one HEMET transport and alot of props in base area.

Server will come up 20:00 for testrun so we see that Everything works fine until the Friday Co-op :clap:

Re: Co-op Nights - Insurgency Takistan/Tanoa/Malden/NapfWinter

Posted: Sun Oct 21, 2018 7:33 pm
by 8ody8ag
Last men standing after our last Co-op Night on Naphwinter, Friday, October the 19th.
It have been a blast fighting with you all during the time on this map, cya all in Afghanistan!

Mandrake have added the new map and enemy for upcoming mission to our dropbox.. .

Kunduz, Afghanistan - Version: 1.20.2
Link: ... .2.7z?dl=0

Project OPFOR - Version 0.2.4
Link: ... .4.7z?dl=0

Re: Co-op Nights - Insurgency Takistan/Tanoa/Malden/NapfWinter/Kunduz

Posted: Wed Oct 31, 2018 12:47 pm
by 8ody8ag
Large Co-op Night on Friday, November 2nd at 18:00 and forward! This event will be done together with SGU, Swedish Gaming Unit who joins up with ~10 more players. We really need as many ArmA3: APEX players as possible from to signup.

Grab a group role and get your shit together, this battle could become awesome if we just put our minds to it. As we speak, it looks like the list down bellow. This event will be Twitch-streamed by Mandrake as platoon leader at "mandrakeplays" and Rektify as marksman at "rektifywhat". The mission takes part in Kunduz, Afghanistan with Swedish NATO Forces against IS insurgents. A mission filled up with hardcore tactics, IED's and evil suicide bombers.

Alpha 1-2: K4/AJB - Norrlands Jägare
Gruppchef (CAS) - Konnykula
Sft. Gruppchef (CAS) - Anubis
Sjukvårdare - Mini
Sprängtekniker - Wolfman
Skyttesoldat - ZEC
Skyttesoldat - Nova

Alpha 1-4: K3 - Livregementets husarer
Gruppchef (CAS/EVAC) - 8ody8ag
Stf. Gruppchef (CAS) - Matte
Sjukvårdare - Six10Zone
Skyttesoldat - Manicozzy
Skyttesoldat - Rektify
Skyttesoldat - Manson

Alpha 1-3: Staben (Ledning/Logistik)
Plutonchef (CAS) - Mandrake
Förare/Sjukvårdare - LEDIG
Förare/EOD-Soldat - LEDIG
Förare/Ingenjör - MaryKate
UAV-Specialist - Martin
Artillerist - Fireflame

Alpha 1-1: Prickskyttegruppen
Prickskytt - LEDIG
Spotter/Sjukvårdare - LEDIG

Alpha 1-6: Pansarskytte
Gruppchef (CAS) - Rydellan
Stf. Gruppchef (CAS) - KiNG
Sjukvårdare - Nanooc
Skyttesoldat - Will.I.Aim
Skyttesoldat - Phatta
Skyttesoldat - Sylten

Alpha 1-5: Pilotgruppen
Pilot - Jokk
Pilot - watar
Pilot - Trox

Re: Co-op Nights - Insurgency Takistan/Tanoa/Malden/NapfWinter/Kunduz

Posted: Sat Nov 03, 2018 3:10 pm
by 8ody8ag
Last night we had a awesome Co-op Night together with "SGU - Swedish Gaming Unit"! Totaly 26 players from our both gaming communitys, fought side by side against insurgents in Kunduz, Afghanistan. After tons of actions for about 6-7 hours, we ended up with securing half of the map, destroying 4 ammo cashes and succeeded with 1 of 2 main missions.

This was the first time we at have hade a "Joint Operation" together with another unit, but definitly not the last. Looking forward to our next time together with our new brothers in arms.

Some Twitch Clips:
Klart Bakåt

Re: Co-op Nights - Insurgency Takistan/Tanoa/Malden/NapfWinter/Kunduz

Posted: Thu Nov 08, 2018 4:42 am
by 8ody8ag
Updated version of Malden 2035 coming up! :worth:

We gonna use the same group setup like we had on Kunduz, but had to change the numbers couse of the fokin editor. Adding swedish callsigns like most of you guys wanted and to make this step-up easy, I added new help signs in base. Added 2 shooting ranges for testing weapons and target practice, one small and one large. Small one is inside base and to get to the large one, just follow the road out from base and you find it. An idea is to move one of the MHQ over there due it doesn't have any VR-box. As a pilot you now can change/rearm planes, UAV's and helicopters to what ever suits you. All you need is a toolkit in your inventory and the ammo-truck, parked close to the air-vehicle you working on. Costal Rangers no longer spawn out sea on Liberty, instead they spawn in base together with everyone ealse. Libery still have the duty as AA-base protection but also carry 2 amf/apc vehicles onboard. To use'em, you'll need to fly or take a boat out to Liberty and then drive those evil sons of bitches overboard. .. "Cya on the beach!" Upcoming Co-op Night on Friday, November 9th is now up in totaly 18 signups, keep'em coming!

Server will be up for testrun all Thursday, welcome in!
New base signs!