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Black Desert Online LAN Competition Info

Postby Rackify » Sat Jun 30, 2018 11:33 am

Server: Kamasylvia 3

It starts 21:00
More info will be uploaded 30mins before the competition.

1 Overweight Donkey in Calpheon (north stable)
Gathering tools
Raft/Boat/Ship in Velia
Lump of raw sugar

You are not allowed to open up the storage/market/shopkeepers at any time meanwhile the contest is on.
No outifts or armors are allowed in the comp.
No potions or food buffs.

The contest is not only about you finishing first but also gathering points on your way.
You DONT need to gather everything to win.
Most points wins the contest.
You have 1hr 30mins to finish the contest.

Everyone rides from Calpheon to Heidel on their Over weight donkey.

In Heidel, take a picture with <Black Market> Patrigio and post it to the picture
album with the hashtag #ghselan. 5points

When the picture has been confirmed by crew, go to Velia by foot. On the way you
shall gather:
x10 Maple Trees 10points
x10 Birch Trees 10points
x10 Copper Ores 20points
x10 Sheep hide 10points
x5 Lamb meat 10points
x1 Paprika seed 10points
x5 Wild grass 10points
x10 Corn 10points
x5 Tiger Mushroom 20points

When you arrive at Velia a crew member will check your backpack and count your points.
Then take your Boat/Raft/Ship to Epheria. On the way you shall catch:
x2 Pomfrets 15points
x3 Mackerels 10points
x1 Grunt 40points
x10 Oyster 20points w

In Epheria a crewmember will check your backpack and count all of your points.
After that you will catch a horse and ride it back to Calpheon North stable!
Tier 1-3 20points
Tier 4-5 40points

1st 50points
2nd 40points
3rd 30points

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