Profile Flair Legend


Star Citizen Crew

A member of the GHSE - Star Citizen Organization

ArmA 3 Unit

A member of ArmA 3 MilSim Unit at Bohemia Interactive

APB Clan Member

A member of the Enforcer Clan

The Black Spirit

A member of Black Desert Online Guild

Warthunder Squadron

A member of Squadron in Warthunder

World Of Warships Fleet

A member of the fleet in World Of Warships

Community Streamer

A member who streams under Gameaholic flag with over 50 followers!

Conan Exiles Finalist

A member who has been placed top 3 in one of Conan Exiles events

Conan Exiles Alpha

A member who played Conan Exiles on our server during alpha/early access


A member who have made donations to

SciFi World Crew

A member who have participated as Crew at SciFi-World Convention

LAN-Event Participant

A member who have participated a LAN-event